Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In retrospect... #6

Picea pungens 'Hoopsii'... an excellent blue

Moving on to a few scenes from the 2011 season in our gardens... light snow is falling here and the temps have moderated a bit... Larry

Daffodils and tulips are a big deal for us... looking forward to
many new bulb additions this spring

These tulips from the 'Impressions' series are now gone as the new rock garden
was built here...  magnolia 'Elizabeth' to the rear

Falling petals from 'Wada's Memory'

'Snowdrift' is complemented by new growth on the Montgomery spruces

'Marry Potter' is a favorite of mine

Fagus sylvatica 'Purple Fountains'

Magnolia 'Butterflies and tulips

'Cherish' hostas make an 8" clump and work well in the rockery

We are not prime habitat for rhodies but I do appreciate having them in the gardens

'Snowdrift' from another angle

Name unknown but the scent is spectacular

'Eudoxa' is another cultivar of the spectacular orienpets

A 'fragrance factory!'

And even more fragrance

Hemerocallis season

Orienpets are without a doubt my favorite lilies... can you tell?

The lily is 'Sophie'... another orienpet

'Vista Bubblegum' for masses of color

A calmer view backed by climbing hydrangea on the stone wall


Gatsbys Gardens said...

If it was the only lily I grew, Orienpet would be the one!


Beth said...

I do love your rhododendrons and azaleas, as well as your magnolias. My favorite from these pictures though would have to be the tulips. I ADORE tulips and I'm kicking myself for not adding more myself last fall. The yellow magnolia is glorious and unusual. Larry, thanks for sharing these lovely photos from your exquisite gardens. Stay warm!

Landscape Design By Lee said...

Beautiful Larry and especially enjoyed the photos on this frigid winter day with temperatures in the teens! Thank you for sharing!

Gabby said...

Your bulbs looks magnificent. My tulips never seem to make past a couple of seasons.

Larry said...

Gabby... have you tried the Darwin hybrids? Mine last for years and with a division some are 20 or more years old. Larry

Pawanna said...

Your garden is amazing, full of wild places and beautiful, I love the flower gardens! nice to see it:)